Econ 101: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

  • Description: Contemporary analysis of income, employment, price level, and public policy using static general equilibrium framework with emphasis on applications of theory. Long term economic growth is also covered.

Econ 140A: Introduction to Econometrics I

  • Description: Estimation and hypothesis testing in classical linear regression models as well as violations of each classical assumption. Discrete dependent variable models and systems of simultaneous equation are also covered.

Econ 140B: Introduction to Econometrics II

  • Description: Topics in econometrics including regression specification, time series econometrics, panel data, and instrumental variables.

Econ 204A: Macroeconomic Theory I (Ph.D. level)

  • Description: Introduction to modern macroeconomics. Study of economic growth and dynamic optimization. Representative agent, overlapping generations and monetary models will be covered.

Econ 204B: Macroeconomic Theory II (Ph.D. level)

  • Description: Introduction to dynamic programming. Arrow-Debreu Equilibria, Sequences of Market Equilibria, Recursive Competitive Equilibria. First and second welfare theorems. Real Business Cycles.

Econ 204C: Macroeconomic Theory III (Ph.D. level)

  • Description: Focus on frictional economics. Topics to include: economies with incomplete markets, private information, search and matching.